40 Below Labs
Firmware Engineering

40 Below labs specializes in all stages of firmware development with a focus in IoT


40 Below Labs was started in January of 2022 by myself, James Drewelow. Currently the company is just me, but I have future plans of expanding the company to offer services across more engineering disciplines and eventually work on our own product development.

James Drewelow


I am a professional Embedded Software Developer with 4 years of experience working on products in industries such as IoT, automotive, agricultural and consumer electronics. My main area of expertise is in IoT, using technologies such as LTE, BLE, and WiFi to create connected devices. I am most proficient with ESP32 and STM32 microcontrollers, but I also have experience working with PIC, AVR, and TI microcontrollers. My other areas of interest include UAV technology, machine vision, 3D printing/CNC, and rapid prototyping

40 Below Labs has worked on products in a wide variety of industries:

Internet of Things





Consumer Electronics

What We Do?

We provide top class services in many areas

40 Below Labs specialty lies in firmware development, but we also have a network of companies that can assist with all parts of product development from hardware design to manufacturing. We offer full proof-of-concept prototyping as well as additional firmware development services for existing projects.

Rapid Prototyping

Using off the shelf components and optional 3D printed enclosures

Bug Hunting

Assistance tracking and resolving hardware and firmware bugs

Firmware Team Augmentation

Assist an existing development team with firmware development

L3 Technical Support

Expert technical support after product launch for existing customers

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